9XR only controls the Throttle

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9XR only controls the Throttle

Postby captainflonk » 03 Dec 2013, 10:29

I just picked up a 9XR and a OrangeRX DSMx/DSM2 module and can bind it to a Spektrum AR400 Rx. My problem is that the only Channel I can control is the throttle. no Aileron, no rudder, no elevator. I have moved the channel order around along with the ports on the receiver to match but still the only channel that responds is the throttle. Using TAER only channel one responds. Using AETR only channel three responds. I know I am doing something wrong but for the life of me can't figure it out. I feel like I am on crazy pills. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried using the templates and editing the mix manually but still nothing...
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9XR only controls the Throttle

Postby ShowMaster » 03 Dec 2013, 16:19

I believe your not setting the other channels to on or 100%.
Select s new memory and also look for the Templets in the meanie section. Select a sime 4ch mix.
Also search for the er9x manual. The HK version is their own patched one but it's still er9x and should follow the same user manual. That or flash it using eepe or c9x to the latest er9x and by default all channels should work.
I'm assuming the orange tx isn't defective.
Also try setting the timing menu to something less than 22ms. It's posable the channel timing is wrong for this combo?
Earlier orange tx modules required a setting of 21ms or less or ailerons would not work.
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