9xr PPM

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9xr PPM

Postby scott » 19 Oct 2013, 06:05

Howdy, I purchased a 9x then a mate told me to get 9xr to save flashing....anyhow have both and tried setting up my Dragonlink. I can't get the DL to find PPM signal on 9xr, no voltage is shown on the PPM pin and any configuration it wont change (PPM on or off in radio) The radio came with a strange receipt from 1hobby repair/replacement so Im guessing I was posted some other poor sods non working junk :roll: The DL works fine and operates correctly on the 9x and although I dont like it the DL works via the JR port on top of the radio (with radio turned off, pain pulling plugs out to turn system off all the time.

Needless to say its fruitless sending it back as its a $50 radio but has anyone come across this problem? Is it worth buying another board?

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