9XR Pro Reversed Elevator Trim. Mode 1

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9XR Pro Reversed Elevator Trim. Mode 1

Postby Donald » 20 May 2016, 16:08

Hi does anyone have an answer to this problem. I purchased a 9XR Pro about 4 months ago and found to my very near disaster that the elevator trim was working in reverse i.e pushing it forward caused the elevator to go up and the opposite when pushing it back. Having searched online and reading all documentation I couldn't find and answer but decided it must be a fault with mine. However I've just purchased a second transmitter and and find its exactly the same. I'm using the lasted firmware v218.

I'd really appreciate an answer to this since I've once nearly made a mistake when I was testing a new highly modified Hurricane which required heaps of correction to the elevator trim. I didn't figure out what was happening (since I was being sorely tested keeping it in the air) until using full up on the elevator to keep the thing in the air I relaxed for a split second on landing sending it nose into the ground. Thankfully not much damage.
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