Adidas nmd r1

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Adidas nmd r1

Postby Ursula » 30 Oct 2018, 10:01

Today, Adidas remains the largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, despite its very humble and meagre beginnings. Adi Dassler persuaded US runner Jesse Owens to use his shoes for the Summer Olympics of 1936 and Owens went on to win four gold medals, making Dassler's shoes famous. At the time, the shoes even made it to World War II. The company has always employed the most advanced available manufacturing technologies. They make shoes both for the athletic customers as well for fashion reasons.

One attribute of this shoe that I feel has possibly been overlooked is its use as a clay court tennis shoe. While I prefer something a little more rigid on hard courts, I believe that the adidas nmd r2 primeknit would be well suited for clay courts. The bottom of the shoe has a wide herringbone pattern which is typically easy to knock clay out of, and the limited durability of the sole shouldn't be a problem for clay courters.

The adidas yeezy 350 boost is the all new no frills basketball shoe from Adidas. Its main features are its lightweight feel and good ankle support. It doesn't have any high tech fancy features like a few of the others but this is reflected in its low cost. The style on the Adidas shoe is pretty stylish for its low price. It has a mid top design with a narrow lacing system which leads up to a padded collar and tongue, this gives it a sleek and stylish look. There are many perforations on the side which are there mainly for performance reasons but also to give it a modern look.

This Adidas alphabounce holds up okay in the durability sector. It has a small line of rubber going around the outside of the midsole to protect areas of the foot. However as you would expect with light basketball shoes more emphasis goes into how they feel and move rather than the rubber. This just means that there is no excess rubber on the base, which might hold you down while you try to move quickly.
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