An Attitude of Fierce Resolve

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An Attitude of Fierce Resolve

Postby emilyjacob » 07 Dec 2018, 16:44

You know that a mentor Quantum Manifestation Code could help you get where you want to go. And you've found a mentorship program that promises you just that. You may be lucky. But don't blindly whip out your credit card just yet before you have asked (and gotten satisfactory answers) to a few tough questions:

What will happen if you get the services that may be useful to some prospective mentees but are not why you joined, while those services that made you join the mentorship program in the first place are sorely lacking? You have a right to know this before you sign up.

So how will you find out? Put your expectations in writing. You could compose a document that says something like this:

1. I understand that this mentorship program offers: (list points).

2. The reasons I am joining are as follows: (list specifically what you expect from your mentor)

3. What I need to have happen for this to work for me is the following: (list specifics including feedback, contact type and amount and with whom, etc.).
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