Apache NIFI bidirectional TCP

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Apache NIFI bidirectional TCP

Postby bargavi » 08 Aug 2018, 21:02

I'm doing a integration effort with Apache NIFI where we have stumbled upon the need to do bidirectional TCP. Before we have gotten away with only using unidirectional TCP.

Apache NIFI supports undirectional TCP through features such as 'ListenTCP' and 'PutTCP'. Bidirectional TCP is supported in the HTTP and websocket domain through features such as 'HandleHttpRequest', 'HandleHttpResponse', 'ConnectWebSocket', 'ListenWebSocket', and 'PutWebSocket'. A pure bidirectional TCP mechanic does not look evident.

Normaly I would dive into this with Python, Servicemix or .. whatever .. but in this case we need the magic of NIFI in the middle.

(Legacy product A) - TCP- NIFI (NIFI Magic) -TCP- (Legacy product B)


I'm considering taking the above NIFI liberies that do support TCP and the extra domains, and ripping them down to TCP only. Creating dedicated TCP modules. I'm assuming that would be better than starting to write this from scratch.
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