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Authentic Tyler Bozak Jersey

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The world has endless cases of cheating. A man Nikita Zaitsev Leafs Jersey , who was once head over heels in love with his wife, might cheat on his wife to get some action and spice in his life. A person not contented with one girlfriend, may find another girl so that he can have different flavors in a week. These are instances where cheating is on the personal level. However, when you cheat on work Patrick Marleau Leafs Jersey , it is pretty low and disgusting, especially when everybody looks up to you.

Professional sports are prone to cheating. There are not only one or two instances, wherein players and coaches, do something to get ahead of their opponents. Part of the cheating is the use of drugs that are stimulant. Stimulants like steroids are performance enhancing drugs that will not wear you out while you are in the competition. There were many players using these drugs in NFL. Now Zach Hyman Leafs Jersey , they banned it because this is a way of regulating the competition. This also ensures a fair fight among players because from the looks of it, nobody gets to be a superhuman just to win the game.

There are forms of cheating in sports that can be lowly. Moreover, this type of cheating has been recently done by the New England Patriots. Yes, this three time Super Bowl Champions have cheated their way by capturing the defensive signals of the New York Jets with a use of a video cam. This scandal was called Spygate. They uncovered the incident in 2007. This put them in a situation wherein everything about them is doubtful. It will change the perception of their fans and the people who they convinced that they could be one of the best in NFL history. Sad to say Ron Hainsey Leafs Jersey , despite the fact that Bill Belichick is supposed to be one of best coaches in NFL, he becomes unworthy of becoming one.

Other forms of cheating in professional sports may have to do with manipulating the object using for playing. This is common in baseball since a pitcher can single handedly manipulate the movement of the ball through application of grease. Some even deface one side of the ball so that the pitcher can have a better grip of the ball. Some might say this is not cheating since every pitcher does it, however, it can alter the chances of the batter.

So as you can see Authentic Jake Gardiner Jersey , cheating is everywhere. It is not only prominent in school or within the bounds of your homes. It gets worst especially when titles are at stake (especially when the team knows what the win can do for them). It is just sad to see that some of the respectable teams like New England Patriots or talented athletes like Ben Johnson can miss their chances because of doing something which is knowinly illegal. The worst thing that could get hurt in here is the integrity of the team or the person.

A lot of kids look up to athletes because it is has always been a belief that they have the discipline. They also believe sports can change the future of the kids. However, how can this be a key for betterment when the most respectable athletes are caught doing the cheat? In the years to come, when you look back, you will realize that you never actually beat your oponents fairly and that was not actually a win at all.
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