Dual Rate setup help

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Dual Rate setup help

Postby Pcandtech » 18 Feb 2013, 12:12

Hi i need to setup dualrates to make it lees aggressive on my heli but i tried using the expo/dr screen and not sure if its working propertly i have it setup as :
exp % sw1 sw2
Rud 30 80 rud !rud
Tho 0 90 --- ---
Ele 35 75 Ail !Ail mid or hi it doesn't matter as soon as it wor
Ail 35 75 Ail !Ail

I assume the setting on Rud are 80 exponecial and 80 dual rates (less throw from the servo)
Tho no expo and 90% Of dual rates , not quite shure
Also the 80,90 ,75 ,75 value was set as weight and i assumed it is some kind of name for dual rates but
correct me if i am wrong :D

So please tell me if my Asuncion is correct or wrong i need to set the heli as a beginer or intermediate pilot
Suggestions are welcome
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