Education also attended the reception.

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Education also attended the reception.

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BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese sportswear and footwear manufacturer Peak is set to outfit three of Argentina's National Basketball League teams, as well as the referees, a league official said on Monday.

Peak's designs will be seen on Argentina's courts as the new season gets underway Thursday, said Juan Diego Garcia Squetino, La Liga's director of marketing.

According to the daily newspaper La Nacion, Garcia said the sponsorship agreement with Peak was part of a push to make basketball "the second (most popular) sport in the country, after soccer."

The deal, which officials from both sides say will be win-win, aims to raise Peak's profile abroad, while doing the same for Argentinian basketball.

"The flip side of this alliance aims to sell the National League in China," said Garcia, adding the Argentinian league aimed to copy the same successful tactic that the NBA used years ago to build a fan base there.

Following six months of negotiations, the sponsorship contract, signed in Quanzhou, calls for the growing Chinese firm to outfit Instituto de Cordoba, Atenas de Cordoba and Libertad de Sunchales, from Argentina's east-central province of Santa Fe.

The contract also calls for team and player exchanges between the two countries.

Argentina's national basketball team won gold at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and bronze at the 2008 Beijing Games, and boasts top players Emanuel "Manu" Ginobili, Luis Scola, Andres Nocioni and Carlos Delfino.

Peak is "the fastest growing basketball footwear company in the world," according to the company's website, and already ranks third in NBA endorsements, which include Ron Artest and Sasha Vujacic of the LA Lakers, Carl Landry of the Sacramento Kings, and six other leading players.

LONDON Nike Air Max 97 Sale , Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Maths teachers from English schools on Friday bid farewell to their colleagues from Shanghai, who have finished the four-week exchange program and will return to the east China city on Saturday.

The China-UK Math Teacher Exchange Program was launched on Nov. 2. A total of 69 maths teachers from Shanghai schools taking part in the program have taught pupils in about 40 local secondary schools alongside their English maths teacher partners in the past weeks.

Wan Lin and Lu Shan are from No. 4 Central Primary School of Shanghai's Hongkou District. During the past weeks with the program, they worked in Prince Henry's Grammar School and Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, respectively.

Depending on different requirements from their schools Nike Air Max 2017 Sale , Wan taught Year 7 and 8 students geometry, while Lu taught algebra. Before they went to classroom, they need to meet English maths teachers to discuss their teaching content and made some adjustment so that pupils could learn Shanghai approaches easier and understand more.

"This is the first time we take part in the program. It was not easy for us, as we couldn't speak English as our mother language Nike Air Max 2018 Sale , so we had to do a lot of preparation. Thanks to the supports from our considerate English partners, our teaching goes well and we are very happy," said Wan.

Lu said although in general British pupils' basis of maths and calculation speed are not as good as Chinese pupils, their creativity impressed her a lot. In addition Nike Air Max 90 Sale , pupils' enthusiasm and acceptance made Lu's teaching easy and relaxed.

"Our formula and calculating laws are really welcomed by them. We don't even worry about classroom discipline, they behaved very well," she added.

Wan's English maths teacher partner Fiona Husker told Xinhua she learnt a lot from Wan through this program. "I felt that you don't need to get through lots of lessons, you can focus on one thing. If you teach one thing and teach it very well Nike Air Max Sale , students will have a better understanding and a better concept, and they will remember it for longer rather than forgetting it the next day."

"I thought it was edited very badly by the BBC, although I do like BBC programs. But I think they went on an angle which didn't show current Shanghai and Chinese teaching styles. It showed very old-fashion Chinese style. I saw that Chinese teachers in that program did amazing jobs," said Husker Air Max 97 Sale , when asked to comment on BBC's documentary "Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School" this summer.

Before the four-week program, two groups of Shanghai maths teachers visited British primary and secondary schools. And the latest exchange program will benefit 270 maths teachers from nearly 100 Chinese and British schools and thousands of students.

"It was indeed a mutually rewarding experience for the 69 maths teachers from Shanghai to come together with British colleagues to share ideas and understanding our education, to learn from each other and to make progress together," said Ni Jian Air Max 2017 Sale , Minister at Chinese Embassy in UK, at the farewell reception on Friday evening.

He said that the maths teacher exchange program started up from zero, turned a plan into reality and produced effective results, which fully reflects the huge potential and vast prospects of the two countries' cooperation on education.

"Due to differences in history Air Max 2018 Sale , cultural heritage and national condition, China and UK have respective and distinctive ideas of education and approaches to teaching... This is exactly we both can learn and draw strength from each other. And maths teacher exchange program is a good platform for mutual learning," he added.

Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools at Britain's Department for Education also attended the reception. He expressed his thanks to both British and Chinese teachers involved in the program.

He said the exchange represents the unique and valuable opportunity to experience mastery teaching of the highest quality first hand. He has received many positive reports about the ongoing benefits from the primary schools and teachers involved in last year'. Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys For Cheap College Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys Online
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