General rules for posting on the Turnigy 9XR Forum

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General rules for posting on the Turnigy 9XR Forum

Postby webmaster » 17 Dec 2012, 12:43

General rules for posting on the Turnigy 9XR Forum

Welcome to the Turnigy 9XR forum, the best place to speak/exchange/share all the information about the Turnigy 9XR Transmitter.

The following are the general rules of posting and conduct:
1. When posting, please keep the subject matter relative to the topic that you are posting in.
2. No profanity, name calling, or harassment will be allowed at any time. Lighthearted joking is tolerated under the right circumstances, after all, this is supposed to be fun too! This is an all-ages forum, so please keep it friendly. Anyone who doesn't abide by this rule will be subject to removal from the forum.
3. We welcome you to post anything you are interested in that is not 9XR related, but please do so in the "Off Topic Forum", and remember, family friendly material only.
4. If you encounter anyone breaking these rules, you may report the post or send private message to one of the Forum Moderators or Administrators, they will be happy to help you.
5. most importantly, Have fun!
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