How to stay safe on Facebook

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How to stay safe on Facebook

Postby janiffer » 24 Nov 2017, 20:45

Facebook is the world leading social networking platform.More than 2 lakhs new user being added every day.when you think that sharing information (name, photo,cover page, gender) anyone who want to see them through a search engine.sometime your misfortunes you can share personal information on Facebook and you don't share to everyone. If you don’t knowledge about that then contact facebook number
All that are not change, but you have alert and restrict your post like that information,jokes,event and shared link that you select and put on your timeline. Facebook provide three option show post on your timeline
1)Everyone can see
2)Only friends can see
3)friends can see except
with the help these option you can choose which one you have show your information on Facebook.Really this is very helpful feature for everyone.every user set according your need.
Here some steps-by-step process to manage your Facebook privacy and security setting.
Step1: Sign in your Facebook account with valid creditional.
Step2: Click the 'padlock' icon appear in the the top left corner of your Facebook page where the menu is display and click the setting button.
Step3:Tap the privacy setting in the top right corner of Facebook page.
step4:click who can see my stuff? you will be shown some options,including the ability to select whether anyone (public),friends or special group of friends can see your posts. you can also view your timeline as another person. See how much Facebook user can see your post.
step5:click who can contact me? and you want to everyone don't send message or friend request,send it only mutual friends or your friends you can set the setting easily and also you could set it so only friends can get in touch.
step6: when receive unwanted messages or feel someone is bothering you through Facebook, you can select How do I stop someone from bothering me? and add some detail like name, email address of the bothersome person.

step7:To manage the privacy settings on your your timeline page and click to activity log and choose timeline setting and set according your requirement.
Read more: ... book-live/
Sometime many facebook user difficult to manage your facebook account,that time they need to help for manage at don't worry we here, our facebook customer support service team support you and fix your problem dial our facebook service number 1-855-434-1666 or visit ... r-service/

“Stay safe on Facebook isn't easy so make that you take step forward to protect yourself as much as possible”
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Re: How to stay safe on Facebook

Postby MickWatson » 04 Dec 2017, 16:37

To keep safe Facebook account or Keep secure your Facebook account from spammers, hackers you need to keep in touch with Facebook support team. Most of the users don't know how to contact Facebook support team by phone. So, here we are providing toll-free number +1-855-888-5655 for your help.
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Re: How to stay safe on Facebook

Postby Kaito » 30 May 2018, 08:56

Great advices! Thanks a lot
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