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Postby tujue » 12 Sep 2018, 16:46

INCHEON Authentic Richard Jefferson Jersey , South Korea, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese women's soccer team lost to the DPRK 1-0 in the quarterfinals at the Incheon Asian Games here on Friday.

Missing out on a place in the semifinals marked the Chinese team's worst ever result since 1990 when women's soccer was added into the Asiad.

The only goal was scored by DPRK's Ho Unbyol in the 73rd minute.

Cai Zhenhua, China's vice sports minister and president of the CFA, was present at Friday's match. "Our players are very hard working but are inferior to their opponents in terms of strength and skills," he said after the match.

"All our players played well today, the responsibility rests with me. But I've tried my best. I hope there will be a better coach to lead the team," said China's head coach Hao Wei.

But Hao, whose contract with Chinese Football Association (CFA) expires in 2016, refused to give a straight answer when asked whether he will resign or not.

"China is one of the top teams in Asia. The Chinese team is developing, especially in defense," said Kim Kwangmin, head coach of the DPRK team.


CHONGQING, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- A two-day China-Europe seminar on human rights opened Wednesday in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, centered around the theme of protecting the rights of ethnic minorities.

Cui Yuying, deputy director of China's State Council Information Office, said China's human rights cause has continued to improve with the launch of a set of new governance strategies since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012.

She briefed the seminar on China's successful human rights cause and China's achievements in protecting the rights of ethnic minorities. China has established the principle of equal treatment of all ethnic groups, and members of all ethnic groups have participated in managing national affairs at the constitutional, legal and institutional levels. [ The country has also taken a set of measures to ensure the equal rights of ethnic minorities in terms of politics, economy, culture, language, customs and religious beliefs, Cui said.

Hopefully, scholars from China and Europe can make use of the platform offered by the seminar to further deepen their communication, enhance mutual trust and upgrade practical cooperation and people-to-people exchanges, she said.

Pierre Bercis, chairman of the French New Human Rights Association, said it is important to respect the rights of cultural and religious diversity when protecting the basic rights of ethnic minorities. He also called on countries to go against hegemonism in the cultural sphere.

Tom Zwart, head of the Netherlands School of Human Rights Research of Utrecht University, said China has made historical contributions to the development of the international human rights cause, especially in terms of promoting compatibility between religion and society.

Sponsored by the China Society for Human Rights Studies and organized by the Institute of Human Rights of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, the seminar attracted over 50 experts from China and Europe.

" Soccer is the sport for you. You have posters of David Beckham on every wall, (yep, he's a soccer player. What do you mean you had no idea?) you have to be reminded to leave your cleats on the back porch or you wear them through the house. You have eyed the neighbor's cat longingly when he stands next to that oddly hung little gate- in your mind it looks just like a miniature soccer goal, and that fat, black and white cat, well you get the picture. Yep, you have soccer fever for sure, and the best treatment for that is to get you onto a team. But, how do you pick the best team for you? How do you find the team that will match your competitive spirit and yet not be so uptight over every loss that no one ever has any fun?

Finding a team with the right balance of fire and fun can be tricky, but the best place to start is the coach. In most cases, the coach will be a good indicator to the temperament of the team- if he is uptight and high strung, his players will likely be tense and edgy as well. On the other hand, if he is too laid back the players may be even more tense because they do not have the confidence in his coaching abilities. A good coach needs to be a good leader, and you cannot lead anybody, anywhere without a backbone, can you?

Talk to the coaches and find out what kind of style they have. Are the accessible, could you actually talk to them, or did they talk at, through or over you? What are their practice schedules like? Will you be able to keep up? If you are involved in other activities will a busy soccer routine keep you from doing anything else? What is the policy if you have to miss a practice? Will you automatically be benched for the next game, or is there something that can be arranged before hand? A coach that is completely inflexible may not be the right fit, so consider the responses he gives you as a basic indicator to coaching style and personality.

Finally, if you are the one that gets to pick the basic team, consider what the goal is for this league. Do you want to win, or are you just out to have fun? If you want to win, then you might have to choose people you do not really like- but a good goal scorer that you loathe is better than a friend that falls off the bench when tying her shoes. If you are just out there for the fresh air and the fun, then by all means grab the clutz and giggle your way through the game. Just stock up on band-aids and bactine before you start.

CHICAGO, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Gold futures on the COMEX divisionof the New York Mercantile Exchange rose on Friday as investorssought refuge amid escalating tensions between the United Statesand the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

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