My 9XR is making a wailing noise

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My 9XR is making a wailing noise

Postby drcooper » 20 Oct 2013, 19:31

I'm hoping someone can help me as I cannot find my issue anywhere.
I was playing Phoenix RC Sim when i started changing some settings to make it more realistic. For example I added the throttle cut mix.
I was then in radio setup and switched on PPMSIM, at which time my controls ceased to work on the RC simulator. I switched it off.
I then turned on pot scroll, this is when everything went hay wire. The screen disappeared and it started wailing. The wailing sound is like an ambulance with its siren on, but if you can imagine what it would sound like if the speaker was broken. That's what the 9XR sounds like.
I switched it off unplugged the battery took out the module and put everything back hoping that it would be fine. But it wasn't.
When I turn it on, the screen flashes for a second then goes blank and the wailing is repetitive.
I am really hoping someone can help me.
Is it possible to reset the transmitter somehow?
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