Need help on Trainer Setup on new 9xr (default firmware)

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Need help on Trainer Setup on new 9xr (default firmware)

Postby chasm98 » 17 Apr 2013, 14:32

Can someone please advice me on how to setup the trainer function and get 2 9xr connected?
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Re: Need help on Trainer Setup on new 9xr (default firmware)

Postby pchuckie » 23 Apr 2013, 01:19

On the master radio press right to select the model you wish to fly. On menu 2/11 about 3/4 of the way down turn trainer to on. Now press left to get in the other menus and go to 2/5 trainer menu. Under the mode heading change them to :=. Under the src heading change the channels to match your radio. Under the sw heading change all four to TRN for the trainer switch.

Now plug in the cord to the master, plug the other end into the slave without turning the power switch on on the slave. Center the sticks on the slave. On the master which should still be on menu 2/5 scroll down to the Cal tab and press the menu button. The four sets of numbers at the bottom should zero out. You should be able to move the sticks on the slave and see those four numbers change on the bottom of the master menu. I tried cal 'ing with the slave throttle at no throttle and couldn't get the throttle to work right, until I seen somewhere to center the sticks on the slave.

I said all that and mine suddenly quit working the other yesterday.
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Re: Need help on Trainer Setup on new 9xr (default firmware)

Postby Thunder » 17 Aug 2013, 13:12

These instructions are very helpful to get the student radio calibrated to the master radio (i.e. when I move the slave radio sticks, they show up on the master radio). But after doing all this, and after hooking everything to an actual airplane, I can't get the Master TRN Switch to either enable or interrupt any controls from the slave radio. The slave radio doesn't do anything. All the videos dealing with this issue show how to calibrate the Turnigy 9XR with ER9X firmware, not the default firmware the radios come with. For the ER9X firmware, there is the additional step of designating the Master TRN Switch to a custom switch, otherwise the slave radio won't work. So I'm wondering if this final step has been forgotten in these instructions for the default firmware.

So, can anyone explain step by step if one has to (and how to) designate the Master TRN Switch to engage or interrupt the slave radio like in the ER9X videos? I have played with both the "Custom Switch" and "Safety Switch" Menus in the default firmware for hours now, and have not been able to figure out how to accomplish the final step that is explained in the ER9X videos. I have spent so much time trying to accomplish what should be a relatively simple task, that I'm about to purchase a USB cord and flash the ER9X firmware onto my two new radios, rather than deal with the less than intuitive default firmware (hopefully this is easy enough to accomplish).

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