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Nike Air Max 98 Gundam Homme Pas Cher

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by William M. Reilly

UNITED NATIONS Nike Air Max 97 Pas Cher , Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- If you were not paying attention to the calendar last week and you lived or worked near UN Headquarters, the arrival of portable police boxes and huge white-painted, but scarred, ton-weight, concrete blocks emblazoned "NYPD" in blue letters would inform you: General Assembly (GA) time.

The body's annual General Debate is at hand, and that means heightened security in the area surrounding the 7-hectare (70,000- square-meter) complex in Midtown Manhattan, which Nike Air Max 98 Thunder Blue Pas Cher , in turn means inconvenience for neighbors, some businesses and even for some regular UN staffers, but not the VIPs.

The ratcheted-up security was planned, even parts of it being put in place, well in advance of this past weekend's security breaches at the official home of U.S. presidents, the White House in Washington, DC.

Some businesses near the United Nations suffer for lack of customers while some others immediately near the secondary security ring benefit from the additional security personnel in the area.

The security has been beefed up simply two days before the opening of the UN Climate Summit on Tuesday, at which more than 120 heads of state or government are expected to speak on climate change.

The annual UN high-level debate of the UN General Assembly Nike Air Max 98 Fossil Pas Cher , also known as the General Debate, is scheduled to kick off on Wednesday. Heads of state, government or foreign ministers form 193 UN member states will speak on pressing issues at the week- long debate.

Male and female, uniformed and plain clothes, U.S. federal, New York State, New York City and UN officers staff checkpoints barricades checking credentials of all comers. Even park rangers have been drafted in to assist.

Those huge concrete barriers are positioned as much as a block away so only one lane of traffic can approach the UN headquarters and that lane has to face a metal barrier that looks like an open jaw barring traffic. After inspection the metal plate forming the upper jaw is lowered so it can be driven over at slow speed by cleared vehicles.

Department of Sanitation trucks used to spread sand and salt in wintertime are used as secondary roadblocks, rolling back and forth to open and close gaps in the blocks.

Pedestrians approaching are funneled single file past officers checking credentials.

Sniffer dogs are posted at some checkpoints.

Along the river Nike Air Max 98 Homme Pas Cher , U.S. Coast Guard and New York Police Department (NYPD) vessels patrol. In addition to a cutter or two, the Coast Guard posts small, fast response boats mounted with machine guns.

The airspace above the complex is not forgotten. Helicopters regularly fly alongside the 39-story Secretariat Building on their way to and from Heliport as do float planes heading to and from the New York Skyport, both on the East River, actually an inlet off New York Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, surveillance choppers can be observed circling over head.

As nearby water and air traffic is disrupted, likewise street traffic is strictly limited.

First Avenue, or UN Plaza immediately in front of the complex and forming its western boundary Nike Air Max 98 Noir Pas Cher , parallels the river's eastern boundary, is closed to all but security-escorted VIP motorcades, some as small as two cars and other large entourages, such as for U.S. President Barack Obama, numbering into the double digits.

Electrified golf carts carrying security brass zip along the deserted avenue.

Apparatus of Fire Department New York (FDNY) and at least one ambulance are stationed nearby poised to respond to an emergency.

As for those inconvenienced neighbors, they have to establish their identities before proceeding to homes or businesses.

"Once the street is closed, we have to meet the (dry cleaning and laundry delivery) driver outside" the security barrier, said Carlos Villanueva Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Pas Cher , owner of 7 Star Cleaners, 310 E. 44th St., in one of the two landmark Beaux Arts Apartments buildings half a slim city block west of First Avenue and the UN campus. Drivers telephone and give him 15 minutes to meet them and pick up cleaned items.

"Just once a year, only a week, it's OK," he said.

"We have to go outside and meet the truck," Villanueva said. " That's the only problem."

But it wasn't.

Asked about how customers cope, he found another downturn.

"The only problem Nike Air Max 98 Blanche Pas Cher , too, is the tenant, across the street, because of the barricades they don't let them cross" the street in the middle of the block, he said.

"So what happens instead of the customer coming here they go to Second Avenue .. to the other cleaners," said Villanueva, originally from the Philippines. "You lose customers. Loyal customers, they always Nike Air Max 98 Gundam Homme Pas Cher , after a couple of days, they apologize."

He's been in the tiny drop-off pick-up shop for 19 years.

The woman who owns the 4-chair, hair-stylist and dresser LE Salon across the narrow street, in the 1920s matching Beaux Arts Apartments building, sees no such pattern. Identifying herself only as Ashra, she just sees too much security.

"We do lose business, definitely," Ashra said. "And Nike Air Max 98 Pas Cher , not only do we lose business we go through so much distress. Even they know us, we give them the name of the salon, we have a card in our hand, but some days they don't even let us come in as an owner or as employees. They give us a hard time, the police."

"And when the clients come they don't let them in... It affects this neighborhood business big time," she said.

"It's kind of scary too, police dogs, cars , they have guns," Ashra said. "It's really like a warzone. And I don't understand why it has to be like that."

"They make it miserable for us to live here," she said. "It looks sad. It looks scary, it's distressful and we lose a lot of business. The police and security there, they are horrible."

SEOUL, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) test-f.
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