nike is investing in robots that use static electricity to p

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nike is investing in robots that use static electricity to p

Postby Selma » 08 Sep 2017, 16:03

While nike air max 90 mens cheap robots are already an established part of the manufacturing process for cars, electronics, and semiconductors, they have been much slower to take over production of sneakers and clothes. One of the main reasons is that robots have a hard time handling the wide variety of soft materials used to make complicated products like a pair of sneakers. A Nike shoe can have as many as 40 different materials in its upper alone, all of which need to be precisely stacked and fused together to make the shoe.

This is quite different from nike air max 90 womens cheap a cellphone plant or automotive factory, for example, where the materials involved tend to be rigid and fairly uniform, and robots can pick things up using a vacuum, magnet, or mechanical pincher. In garment and shoe manufacturing, no single method has offered an ideal solution. A vacuum may pick up pieces of leather, but it can’t deal with mesh. Mechanical pinchers fumble with pieces that have different degrees of flexibility and stickiness. Magnets, while great for handling metal, are useless when it comes to fabric.

Inspired by the history and heritage of the Blue Tigers, India’s nike air max 97 cheap latest Nike national team kit features a new shade of blue and an orange stripe that runs the length of the jersey and shorts. That stripe expands when a player is in motion to maximize ventilation, complementing Nike’s proprietary Dri-FIT technology that helps draw sweat away from the body. These features allow players to perform at their best by remaining cool, dry and more comfortable. “We are extremely happy that both the senior and the U17 team will be wearing kits that include some of Nike’s most pinnacle innovations in football, ” says Kushal Das, General Secretary, All India Football Federation.

The kit debut will on the federation’s U17 team, which has the honor of being the first Indian national team to host and compete in a major international tournament. In just over a month, 24 of the best U17 teams from across the globe will descend on India to compete in the biggest global tournament for that age group. India senior national team captain Sunil Chhetri said, "Over the years, I have witnessed the India national team kits evolve as the game has. As we continue our journey in the world of football, Nike's new innovations in the kit will certainly help the team on the field. The material is much lighter and the air truly flows through the jersey to keep us dry on the nike air max 95 cheap sale pitch. ".
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