Orange transmitter module will not bind.

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Orange transmitter module will not bind.

Postby mcne1960 » 19 Jun 2013, 06:03

Brand new Turnigy 9x, brand new Orange module. Hooked up 5.9v to receiver and bind plug, watch fast flashing red light. Hold bind button, then turn on receiver. Watch two slow green flashes from Orange module, then release bind button. Nothing works. It doesn't bind. What am I doing wrong? Please HELP!!!!!
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Re: Sv: Orange transmitter module will not bind.

Postby Dvogonen » 19 Jun 2013, 08:44

Check that the transmitter module is in the default state. Turn on the radio. After about two seconds the module beeps. Check that the LED on the module does NOT flash. It should be turned off.

Turn off the radio.

Hold the bind button for a few seconds when you turn on the radio. Then release it.
Put bind plug in the receiver.
Turn on the receiver.
Wait a while.
Turn everything off.
Remove bind plug.

If that didn't work:

Try the other way around. First powering up the receiver, then the radio.

If that didn't work:

You probably need a new module or (best case) receiver.
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