Orientation for AVR Connector

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Orientation for AVR Connector

Postby Maverickk » 27 Sep 2013, 17:03

I just got a generic AVR USB programming adapter and it has a 10 to 6 pin adapter. Since the 6 pin connector is not keyed, what is the correct orientation for plugging it in to the AVR port?
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Re: Orientation for AVR Connector

Postby tedbmoss » 13 Oct 2013, 03:18

Get one that is keyed or get a plug that is keyed and put it on the cable to replace the one that is not keyed. Look up the connections for the tx and match them to the connections for the plug at the usbasp end. Try it and see if it works if not reverse it. 10 pin connector has pin one marked with an arrow. Orientation is the same for the 6 pin plug. The cable should have a red or other color on pin one or wire number one.Down one side of the connector is odd number connections and down the other side are even number connections. I could go on but you can get the idea from this.
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