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Find our last release for the 9XR firmware !!!!


Postby LouiseHunt » 01 Aug 2018, 17:03

The previews continue this week, with a detailed look at the Pandora Autumn 2018 launches for the Shine collection! With warm pandora bracelets colours and delicate detailing, the collection mixes some brand-new harvest motifs with Shine versions of sPANDORA SHINE AUTUMN 2018 PREVIEWome existing Pandora classics. Beginning with the bracelets, we firstly have two non-charm options.This a Pandora Shine version of the Sparkling Strand bracelet:The Floating Grains bangle is a rather pretty limited edition piece, with tiny gold leaves dangling from a link chain.

pandora bracelet charms sale One of the things I loved most about the initial Pandora Shine launch was that Pandora chose motifs that really benefited from and suited the 18 kt finish. The sweet little honeybees were perfect. On the same note, the grains/harvest theme of this Autumn launch is another that truly complements the Shine range. The vibrant yellow brings to life the golden grains and seeds, and the straw of the scarecrow. The only issue for me is the price point, which is somewhat prohibitive for the majority of these pieces.

pandora bracelet charms cheap My personal favourites are the Scarecrow Guardian and the Mesh bracelet decked out in a Shine finish, but I have such a list from the regular Autumn collection already that I don’t think they’ll be day-one purchases!
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