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Stop your dog from jumping on you Shareece Wright Jersey , and you?ll be a happy dog parent, right? I know. Dog jumping is okay in agility training, but it?s not so okay when it your dog jumps up on you at home. It?s even worse when your dog jumps on others. If your dog has this dog behavior problem, you definitely want to stop your dog from jumping on you.

So you do you do it?

The secret behind how to stop a dog from jumping on you is actually pretty simple. Although learning the secrets of professional dog trainers in a program like the one reviewed at http:www.basicdogtrainingtipsDog-Behavior-Training-Dog-Problems, is a great idea for getting a handle on all dog training, you don?t need fancy dog training knowledge to understand the secret. Once you know the secret, you will easily be able to stop your dog from jumping on you.

The secret will help you stop other dog behavior you don?t like too.

Here?s the secret: To stop your dog from jumping on you, you must stop giving your dog attention when your dog jumps. In other words, you must stop reacting in any way.

What?s that Jordan Poyer Jersey , you say? Did I say do nothing?

Yep. The secret to behind how to stop a dog from jumping on you is in doing nothing. How cool is that?

Dogs do things because they get attention for it. Attention is a dog?s favorite thing. Yes, attention is even better than treats.

We tend to think of attention as something positive, like petting the dog or praising the dog. Attention, however, is not just positive. It can be negative too. Any time you?re interacting with your dog in ANY way, that?s attention.

So if you yell at your dog or push your dog away when your dog jumps up, you?re giving your dog attention. In fact, it becomes a fun game for your dog. The dog jumps. You yell or push the dog off, and the dog jumps again. Fun!

This is where the do nothing secret comes in. If you stop rewarding a behavior Stephen Hauschka Jersey , a dog will stop doing it. So, if you completely ignore jumping, you?re not giving your dog attention.

Of course, when you ignore the jumping, it will get worse at first. The dog will jump more and more to try and get your attention. When you don?t give your dog attention (as in say and do NOTHING?don?t talk to the dog, don?t look at the dog, don?t touch the dog), the dog will eventually get discouraged and stop doing the behavior you don?t like. In other words, by doing nothing Philly Brown Jersey , you?ll stop your dog from jumping.

Dogs only understand always or never. They need consistency. So you must do nothing whenever your dog jumps. When you do this, your dog will tire of jumping and try other, hopefully more acceptable ways, of getting your attention.

If your dog starts standing in front of you, for example, just wagging her tail, this is good. Praise her and give her a treat. You want to reward the behavior that you like.

If you remember this secret and apply it, you?ll be amazed at the power you have. You?ll be able to stop your dog from jumping on you.
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Andrea Rains Waggener, author of Dog Parenting?How to Have an Outrageously Happy Mike Tolbert Jersey , Well-adjusted Canine, offers free basic dog training tips at http:www.basicdogtrainingtips.

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