Pay Your Sales Tax by QuickBooks: Call at 1-800-470-9685

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Pay Your Sales Tax by QuickBooks: Call at 1-800-470-9685

Postby quickbooktech247 » 27 Jan 2018, 14:59

Now pay your companies sales taxes by the help of QuickBooks. Call on QuickBooks support phone number, 1-800-470-9685 to get complete guidance regarding sales tax payment and get relief from tax agencies paper works. Now days, different renowned tax agencies are famous for their paper works and schemes. What you have to do is, just fill the forms given by these agencies to inform them how much tax you have collected. Thank god to QuickBooks Software for such a feature in which you can sting out from those time consuming paper works. Through this feature, you can pay your all taxes with that particular information which you need to provide them.
Before dealing with company sales tax in QuickBooks, first you have to know how to generate sales tax reports in this accounting software. Here is the brief information about those reports which you can generate. For find the path of this feature, go to Reports>Vendors & Payables. On the other hand, go to Vendors>Sales Tax> Manage Sales Tax to avail this service. The possible sales tax reports are:
1. Sales Tax for Liability: Sales tax liability report is one of the basic tax report used by different companies for tax payment. This report shows the taxes which you have collected for different tax agencies. This report also breaks down the sales report into taxable and non-taxable.
2. Summary of Sales Tax Revenue: Sales tax revenue report shows the dollar values of different non-taxable and taxable sales. This report also can be seen in Sales tax liability report.

Pay Your Sales Tax through QuickBooks:
Here are certain steps through which you can pay your sales tax through QuickBooks. Through this process, you can keep different tax agencies back off from yourself. The steps are:
Step 1: Go for Vendor>Sales Tax>Pay Sales Tax in first step. You can also pay your current sales tax in Manage sales tax window by Vendors>Sales Tax>Manage Sales Tax. After that click on Pay sales tax option. In both ways, QuickBooks will show a Pay Sales Tax pop-up box. Fill the desired amount which you have been owed for last collection time duration.
Step 2: You can choose your account from which you want to pay your sales tax. Go to the Pay from Account drop down list and choose the desired account.
Step 3: Select the cells in payment column which you want to pay through this software. After successful selection, a check mark automatically adds by QuickBooks where the payment is selected. Make your payment on selected cells.
Here are some steps to pay your sales tax online by QuickBooks. It’s quite easy, time saving, and the most important thing is, you can get complete support for this activity. Call now at 1-800-470-9685 to avail best assistance from experienced QuickBooks Support team. You got QuickBooks Support phone number! Now ring on it. We are ready any sort of assistance related to this firm.
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