Problems and Solutions with different Antivirus Software

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Problems and Solutions with different Antivirus Software

Postby rileylanson123 » 15 Feb 2018, 15:20

Your system can be infected by certain viruses, some of which are referred to as a malwares, Trojans and key-logger patches. There is no fixed route by which a virus enters the computer system. The virus can make a way into your computer system by accessing malicious websites and spam emails a lot more factors. Antivirus programs are designed to repel these viruses, which may degrade your system’s performance. Following are the issues which you may face with the Antivirus programs; solutions are also given by which you can overcome the issues,

• Scanning of Antivirus in Background may affect performance of your PC

Most of the Antivirus software integrated with this feature. This is a feature, which scans all the files, which are opened in the background. It means that the files which is loaded in the RAM but is not currently used by you. As a result, the file is not closed, but it is rather running in a background. There can be multiple files, running in the background. This may cause problems of slowness of your system. You can resolve this issue by stopping the background scan of antivirus or you can also perform a quick scan feature. Antivirus tech support number can also be dialed if your issue still persists.

• Antivirus not Detecting Viruses

The Antivirus scans all the background files, while are active in your system. In addition, this feature ensures real time security and protects the computer from suspicious files and unwanted programs. If your Antivirus is not scanning properly and not finding viruses then you have to update your antivirus as there are different patch files which come with different antivirus programs and you have to update all patch files if your antivirus is not working properly. You can also contact Antivirus technical support number or dial 1800 986 4520 for the resolution of this issue.

• Problems in Scanning Registry Files

Scanning registry files is the most important feature of any antivirus and antivirus is of no use if it is not detecting the issues in the Windows registry file. If you are facing this issue and want to resolve this then you have to contact Antivirus customer support and tell them this issue. They will guide you with the solution and they may suggest you to update with the latest version of antivirus.

• Antivirus is not deleting Viruses

If your antivirus is detecting different multiple viruses but unable to quarantine the files or delete the virus then you should have to check the version of the antivirus as different antivirus programs are coming with trial versions and they are unable to delete the files because the complete features of antivirus programs are not active. You can activate the full version of your antivirus program by calling the Antivirus technical support number. Customer support team will guide you about the procedure of getting the license key or purchasing the product with complete features.
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