Russell Wilson's escapability once again gives Seahawks

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Russell Wilson's escapability once again gives Seahawks

Postby linlybest » 07 Dec 2017, 15:47

on Thursday. As always, please feel free to submit questions in advance.

Let me see if I understand this. Why is this allowed? Where is the honor and pride in games of that sort. When will it be six wins against teams in their own division to be bowl eligible? Don't tell me it couldn't be done. Just looking at Week 1 games, Tennessee played Applachain State. Why couldn't Murray State have played Applachain State and the Illini played Tennessee? There are other examples, like Louisville v. Charlotte TCU v. South Dakota state Orgon vs. UCDavis. It seems like there are plenty of options. Kudos to Alabama for jumping right in with Southern Cal.

You understand it correctly, although the Big Ten is not going to schedule FCS teams in the future. Illinois has one game left against teams formerly in I AA in 2018 against Western Illinois but after that, nothing is planned in the future.

Murray State could have played Appalachian State and Illinois could have played Tennessee, but Illinois would likely carry an 0 1 record wholesale nfl jerseys into this Saturday against North Carolina if that were the case.

Then again, Appalachian State is no longer an FCS program as they were in 2007 when the Mountaineers stunned Michigan.

The games of Power 5 teams playing FCS foes almost always end with the Power 5 team winning, but just look at what former Illini Aaron Bailey and his current Northern Iowa team did last Saturday, winning at Iowa State and spoiling Matt Campbell's first game coaching the Cyclones. It doesn't happen often, but the FCS programs do sometimes beat these teams and for FCS schools, it's a huge revenue generator for the program.

North Carolina is getting paid $200,000 to play Illinois this Saturday, but that is offset with the Illini getting $200,000 to play at North Carolina last season.

The local CW affiliate, WBUI, is broadcasting high school games this season on Saturday night. Rantoul plays at Taylorville this Saturday night and next Saturday, Unity plays at Monticello in what should be a great Okaw Valley Conference game before Monticello plays at St. Joseph Ogden the following Saturday night.

Being somewhat of a purist, I'd like to see all high school games played on Friday night, but every once in a while, I'm sure the players and coaches don't mind the added exposure, although it may get lost in the news cycle with all the college football action that goes on every fall.

As a long/time reader, I am curious about something which has left me wondering for years. What is your rationale for picking out who to interview after a game? I ask this because it seems there is a tendency to go to Wes Lunt more than about anyone. I understand he plays a prominent position and that he is well spoken, but can yougive him a rest? My suggestion, how about comments from some of the true freshmen who subbed in about playing in there first game in college or just a different group of people from the norm. This has been going on for years. If you research basketball from a few years ago, I m positive you will find that Joseph Bertrand was interviewed less times his senior year than any other starter. Football has 22 different starters in a game. How about you make it a goal to gain comments from each one before you duplicate anyone?

After an Illinois football game, the media gives the UI sports information department a list of players it would like to talk to. I start the list each game, writing down about 8 9 players, and then it is passed among fellow media members in the press box.

Wes Lunt has vastly improved his interview skills since he first arrived at Illinois and playing one of the more prominent positions, he understands the media will want to talk to him after each game.

In the past, true freshmen weren't allowed to speak until the start of Big Ten play, and that was only at the coaches' discretion. Thankfully, we were able to talk to Darta Lee this past Saturday after he started against Murray State.

I know from covering the team for the past four seasons, I've spoken to all 22 players who started at one point or time this offseason, whether it was in spring practice, training camp or this season.

We try to talk to players after the game who made significant plays, at least that's my intention, along with knowing who can offer good insight abotu a particular play or can look ahead at the next opponent.

Haven't heard anything about Jimmy Fitzgerald enrolling anywhere yet. Wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at an Ivy League school, like Harvard or Yale, two schools that expressed interest in him before he committed to Illinois.

To my understanding, since he didn't participate in any practices with Illinois, he does not lose out on this season of eligibilty should he transfer to an FCS school, which Harvard and Yale are. If he were to go to another FBS school, he'd have to sit out a year because of transfer rules and since he already redshirted in 2015, his eligibility would then decrease even more.

I'd go with Hardy Nickerson. He had quite the impressive opener, making a game high 11 tackles and not really playing all that much in the second half with the game so lopsided.

He understands the Illinois defense almost better than anyone since he grew up watching his dad coach in Lovie Smith's system. He can relate that now to the playing field, and it showed against Murray State.

Nickerson displayed good closing speed and pursuit to the ball against Murray State and wrapped up solidly. Neal, who made a number of solid plays in his Illinois career, was that he overpursued the play at times, getting himself out of positions, and he sometimes missed tackles in key situations.

Not to say that Hardy Nickerson is a shoo in for the Butkus Award or that he won't make any mistakes against North Carolina on Saturday. But based on his first game with the Illini, his addition gave Illinois an upgrade at middle linebacker.

Dawuane Smoot had his difficulties with the three penalites he incurred, but he was constantly putting pressure on KD Humphries. Rob Bain, Chunky Clements and Tito Odenigbo all had solid pushes along the interior of the line against the Racers, with Carroll Phillips and Gimel President doing a solid job off the edge.

If Smoot can avoid those penalties this week and the defensive line maintains consistent pressure against the Tar Heels, then Illinois could possibly pull off the upset. Logan spring a big run to the outside will be key factors for the Illini.

Don't think there's anything in the revisions to read into too much.

Smith is still set to receive wholesale nfl jerseys the amount of money he agreed upon back when Illinois hired him in March, but he's just going to get some of it sooner. Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and Kirk Ferentz), if Smith is able to turn Illinois into a consistent winner, then it'll seem like a good deal.

Still, Smith is the highest paid employee at UI and in the state, so the pressure that comes with that and the expectations placed on a coach are factors he will have to deal with. But having been around Smith for the past six months, he doesn't seem to get bothered by too much.

He understands he's set financially from his time coaching in the NFL and the contract he has from Illinois. He's rebuffed questions about if another NFL job came open down the road and if he'd take it, saying he's happy to be Cheap China Jerseys at Illinois. We'll see if anything changes in that regard if the wins start to come at a frequent pace with him in charge of Illinois, but for now, Illinois is still very much in a honeymoon period with Smith, and vice versa.

One of the boards mentioned the idea of doing an introduction of the team (as a whole) by turning down the lights and only leaving the orange lights on when the team comes out of the tunnel and onto the field with a loud cheer from everyone in the stands. Then the lights come back on.

Could this work? my educated guess is probably not since it takes awhile for the lights to get 'on' after being turned off and for safety reasons. Another possible idea down the road is to put 'orange shades' onto the stadium outer lights (at the four corners) and have an on/off remote control (from the Illini control room with scoreboard/banner/video controls) to switch back to normal lighting after introductions are done (obviously for 'night' games).
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