Some of It Comes With Experience of Play PoE

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Some of It Comes With Experience of Play PoE

Postby poeitems » 27 Apr 2018, 15:27

Meta is a mix of what's good, and what's popular. Things can come or go in the meta without their quality actually changing. For example, a league or two ago, I bought an inspired learning jewel for like 3c, because it seemed like a fun mini headhunter. Fast forward a few weeks and some streamer praised the jewel, and it shot up to an 80c price. Now it's back down to 15c. Nothing changed about the jewel though in this whole time. My point is - if you are having fun, don't worry too much about what is or isn't meta. Half of it is a popularity contest.

What you can also do is check skill gem section and see what attack skills are trending in value and then use the build section to filter for those skills. In addition, when you are in need of cheap PoE Exalted Orb and other orbs for sale, U4GM is a trustful and safe site that is always ready for you and willing to help to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Some of it comes with experience of playing the game.
▶ Checking websites like U4GM or watching streams can help sometimes as well (not just the top streamers, sometimes there are gold mines hidden in the less watched streamers).
▶ The reason you see mostly things about how good things were compared to how they are is because a large portion of the player base is like you and I.
▶ Lots of people take time to catch onto how good things really are. Strong and meta items and builds sometimes go unnoticed for several patches before the masses catch onto it. It was like so way back with cloak of defiance and lightning coil, wth EB MoM AA, with bisco’s, with elementalist.
▶ If you play the game casually (like myself and many others) you won’t be on top of every meta shift.
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