terms in forex market

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terms in forex market

Postby arincin » 06 Apr 2018, 06:18

French-West German Treaty of Cooperation A treaty signed in 1963
by President Charles de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer,
which established that West Germany would lead economically
through the cold war and France, the former diplomatic powerhouse,
would provide the political leadership.
Fuzzy logic Method that attempts to weigh the quality of the patterns
recognized by neural networks. Because not all patterns have equal
financial significance for foreign currency forecasting, this method
qualifies the degree of certainty of the results.
Gamma The rate of change of an option's delta, or the sensitivity of
the delta.
ارباح الفوركس
Harami bar A "wait-and-see" two-day candlestick combination. It
consists of two consecutive ranges having opposite directions, but it
does not matter which one is first. The second day's range results
fall within the previous day's body.
Head-and-shoulders A bearish reversal pattern that consists of a series of
three consecutive rallies, such that the first and third rallies (the
shoulders) have about the same height and the middle one (the
head) is the highest. The rallies are based on the same support line,
known as the neckline. When the neckline is broken, the price target
is approximately equal in amplitude to the distance between the top
of the head and the neckline.
افضل شركات التداول عبر الانترنت
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