The 7130cdn provides Ethernet and USB connectivity.

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The 7130cdn provides Ethernet and USB connectivity.

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CAPE TOWN Allen Iverson Jersey , Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Protesting students set fire onproperties in South Africa's Cape Town on Wednesday, drawingimmediate condemnation from the ruling African National Congress(ANC).

Lecture theaters and financial aid offices at the Cape PeninsulaUniversity of Technology (CPUT) were burned during the protest thathas continued for days, university authorities said.

Police and firefighters were deployed to the main campuses ofCPUT as the situation went out of control.

Police fired stun grenades to disperse protesting students atsome point, witnesses said.

So far there was no reports of injuries, according topolice.

CPUT's various campuses have experienced sporadic unrest, amidprotests that appeared to revolve around student accommodation,unhappiness over campus security and student safety and insourcing,CPUT spokesperson Lauren Kansley said.

The ANC issued a statement, condemning "in the harshest possibleterms" the torching of several buildings at CPUT campuses.

"These criminal acts must be punished using the full might ofour law enforcement system as they can never be a justification forany grievance anyone may have had," ANC national spokesperson ZiziKodwa said.

"All stakeholders are further called upon to redouble theirefforts to find amicable and lasting solutions to disputes and therestoration of the academic programme Customized Detroit Pistons Jersey ," Kodwa said.

The latest protest was reminiscent of the widespread protestsagainst fee increases at major institutions of higher learningacross the country in 2016.

According to the Department of Higher Education and Training,the cost of damage to universities as a result of the 2016 protestswas estimated at approximately 459 million rand (about 35 millionU.S. dollars). Enditem

Mauritius is a beautiful island boasting rare and interesting wildlife. From the colourful fish inhabiting the coral reefs to the giant turtles roaming the land, to the beautiful birds that command the air, nature lovers will be in awe on a Mauritius holiday.

Animals on the Island

Being an island, the majority of wildlife resident in Mauritius (with the exception of mammals) are endemic, and you can expect to see a range of interesting animals on your holidays in Mauritius. If you find bats interesting, you will be pleased to learn that fruit bats are the only mammals endemic to the island. Unlike other smaller bats, fruit bats have an enormous wing span (nearly a metre), and to make their appearance even more regal, they have a golden orange colour around their head and shoulders Cheap Detroit Pistons Jersey , like a halo or a crown. You won?t be likely to spot one of the amazing creatures during the day on your Mauritius holiday because they nest in the gorges and on the mountainside, but you could spot them flying past you at night.

Other mammals you may spot whilst on your Mauritius holiday are Javan deer, forest monkeys and feral pigs. While these mammals may not be endemic to the island, they are interesting to see nonetheless.

One of the oldest creatures to inhabit the island is the giant tortoise, having lived on the island in for over a hundred years; these creatures should be respected and revered when on your Mauritius holiday. The tortoises really are giant, with a length of up to a metre and weight up to 250kg. Other reptiles you could spot on holidays in Mauritius are the day gecko, and skinks, which may be smaller, but are colourful and interesting to look at.

In the Waters

In the Indian Ocean waters which surround the island, a whole host of colourful creatures may be found. Tuna Tracy McGrady Pistons Jersey , marlin, barracuda, shark and sailfish swim this region of the ocean, fished by the locals and used to create delicious fresh seafood dishes which you can enjoy at your Mauritius hotel. The coral reef surrounding the island is also home to an array of sponges, sea anemones and spikey, making diving an excellent activity on any Mauritius holiday. As you dive into the warm waters, you will be amazed at the colourful clown and box fish, trumpet, lionfish and stonefish that swim by.

It is important to remember that the coral reef is protected by the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society, and collecting shells and coral on your holiday in Mauritius may seem appealing Tobias Harris Pistons Jersey , but it is depleting the natural environment, and the activity has been banned from the beaches.

Birds of the Air

Whilst birdlife in Mauritius is the object of conservationists, the Mauritius kestrel, pink pigeon and emerald green echo parakeet have happily been saved from extinction, and you could be lucky enough to spot these colourful birds on your Mauritius holiday. Other interesting and more commonly sighted birds include fly catchers, bulbuls and white eyes, and you?re likely to spot these feathered creatures on holiday in Mauritius.

Island Vegetation

For nature lovers, Mauritius holidays could prove to be inspirational, with some fascinating vegetation to be discovered. One of the most beautiful and rarest plants in the world is the Mandrinette, which is a pretty pink or colour. You can walk through the Black River Gorges National Park Terry Mills Pistons Jersey , where tropical plants and excellent views await you.

by Peter Mertz

DENVER, the United States, May 5 (Xinhua) -- In an audio tape released in court Tuesday, Denver theater shooter James Holmes told detectives how he had placed explosives in his apartment, trying to outsmart firefighters who would use water to extinguish the inferno he had planned.

Holmes told police he had hoped a huge explosion at his nearby apartment would divert them from responding to the massacre he had planned at the midnight showing of the Batman premiere "The Dark Night Rises."

"You should know that," he told a police detective about Magnesium's burning power, in an interview 15 hours after he walked int.
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