The Buccaneers’ quarterback room is just fine Remember when

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The Buccaneers’ quarterback room is just fine Remember when

Postby liny195 » 30 Nov 2018, 16:11

Jameis Winston’s three-game suspension broke and it caused mass panic? Remember when people said the Buccaneers absolutely had to trade for Nick Foles or Teddy Bridgewater — who is going to New Orleans — or some other backup somewhere in the league because Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffin weren’t reliable backup options? Remember when people said that even when Winston returns Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hoodie , Tampa Bay doesn’t have a long-term answer at quarterback because he lacks what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback? “Well, well, well... How the turntables...” -Michael ScottSure, you can say that it’s only preseason. But even if it’s “only preseason,” Tampa Bay’s quarterbacks have done a whole lot to quell any worry in the last few weeks. Like Pewter Report’s Trevor Sikkema expertly outlined in his most recent “Cover 3,” what a quarterback does and how a quarterback looks doesn’t have to be judged by the defenses that he is facing. Whether a defense is full of starters, backups or third-stringers doesn’t have much connection, if any, to the field vision, decision-making, arm strength and ball placement that a quarterback puts on display.If you’re not big into Pro Football Focus’ grading system, watch the film on Winston Cheap Customized Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys , Fitzpatrick and Griffin from the last three games. You’ll see big throws, smart decisions and good ball security from all three. With the talent that this team has at the wide receiver and tight end positions, those three things will be enough for the Bucs to field a strong offense.If you’re just into the basic stats, check those out too:Winston: 30-of-41 (73.2 percent) for 388 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptionsFitzpatrick: 17-of-28 (60.7 percent) for 183 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptionsGriffin: 34-of-48 (70.8 percent) for 367 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptionsThere’s a reason that Winston was drafted No. 1 overall in 2015 and has set NFL records early in his career. It’s no coincidence that Fitzpatrick is heading into his 14th season in the league. And the Bucs aren’t keeping Griffin on the roster for the fourth straight year just because they feel like it. All three guys are valuable to this team, and for good reason.This quarterback group has put its full potential on display in the last three weeks. The coaching staff and front office clearly believe in the group they have. After everything we’ve seen, is there any valid reason that the fan base shouldn’t feel the same way? Jameis Winston had his suspension lifted at 12:01 on Tuesday morning and is now back with the Buccaneers White Demar Dotson Jersey , as they prepare to face the Chicago Bears on Sunday. The former #1 overall pick, was the first one in the building, as usual on Tuesday morning. In fact, instead of arriving at 5:45 a.m., Winston showed up at 5:30, ready to work.Today marked the first time in nearly five weeks that Winston was in front of the media since leaving the team at the end of the preseason. Winston made it clear that he is just excited to be back with the team. “I think the most important thing is being back in the building. Yesterday was kind of an off day, so I got here at about 5:30 [AM]. Didn’t see a bunch of smiling faces coming in, but today everybody came back energetic and it felt like home. I’m excited to be back,” Winston said. It was made known on Monday by ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, that Winston predicted this start for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers offense. He was asked about it today and gave a very Winston like answer. His main focus was the team as a whole.“Of course, I practice with him every single day. This guy hasn’t been playing in this league for 14 years for any reason. Plus, when you add the weapons that we have outside when you add our intense – the hardest workers in our building is the offensive line ,” Winston said. “When they’re protecting the way that they are, you can do nothing else but to go out there and light it up. I’m excited for Fitz and I’m excited as a whole as a team were playing very good. Like I said, I’m happy to be back in the building and we’ve just got to keep it up.”While he was away from the team, Winston simulated live practices and ran it like they were Buccaneer practices. Like he stated today, he wasn’t about to let the guys still in the building outwork him while he was away. Give credit when credit is due, Winston took control and did something that many have never seen done before. It speaks volumes to how great he really wants to be. Winston commented on the practices today. “I did my best impersonation of what it would be like as an in-season schedule being here. I got the guys from Orlando-area. Ft. Lauderdale, Lakeland. Louis Murphy even came out there and threw a couple passes – brought him out of retirement – and we just went to work. I didn’t want the guys in this building to be working hard and I wasn’t out there doing my thing,” Winston said. “After every practice, I catered meals to my teammate just so I could have that team-bonding that I missed here. I feel like we had a pretty good plan together.”A big concern for many players either injured, or suspended, is coming back in football shape. It’s one thing to hit the weight room and stay active, but it’s another thing to do what Winston did. Coming back , he feels like he hasn’t missed a beat and is feeling great heading into week four. “ Yeah, I had some coaches come in. I did it like a real thing. I had George Whitefield [Jr.] come in. I had John Beck come in, so I got some individual work. I got my trainer Otis Leverette come in – he’s my personal trainer,” Winston said. “We worked hard. I went to work. Like I said, I couldn’t let these guys out work me even though they had the facilities and everything. I was fine with SkyWay doing our thing out there.”If Winston does start Sunday, which is not expected, rust won’t be a factor. He’s stayed active, he’s stayed engaged and he’s ready to take over the starting quarterback for this football team moving forward.
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