the competitive market and they are having fun doing it.

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the competitive market and they are having fun doing it.

Postby forulily » 24 Mar 2018, 13:30

All of us as parents owe it to our children to give them all the guidance and tools they need to live the successful lives they are worthy of.

When our child is not feeling well it is even harder for us as parents to ask anything of them. We want to protect them , love them and keep them safe. All the while wishing we could take their place so that they would feel no pain.

It is during these times when we need to teach them how to be strong, and let them know that even though they do not feel well, they still can maintain some control over their lives.

Our child is so often at the mercy of doctors , nurses and even us as parents, wanting to do things not only for them but also to them. All of our ?Well Intentions? tends to create a feeling of being powerless. That feeling of being powerless is often very scary for a child.

We need to communicate with our sick child that they do have some say in their lives and in their care they are given. Even if it is only that they get to have the simple choice of what color bandage they would like to wear.

Here are some of ways you as parents can help yourself and child to have the spiritual inner strength to get through those tough times of a child illness.

The first thing you should do is tell your child that they do have ?Secret? powers inside themselves and if they learn how to develop these ?Secret? powers it will help them have more control over themselves This focus could even help them in their own healing. Most of all we must give them something to believe in through this time of stress.

Power of Desire:
Keep it simple. Work with the child to find something they would like that is within their realm of possibilities or range of motion. I believe the mind is a power tool and what we think about in our mind and what we desire in our hearts can become a reality.

Power of Faith:
Point out incidents when their faith and belief have worked for them in the past. Remind them about Tinkerbelle, who was sick , but later recovered due to the faith of the children who clapped their hands. If necessary, read the story together to illustrate this point. The ?Power of Faith? can move mountains.

Power of Self Suggestion:
Help your child understand the principals of Self Suggestion. Teach them to say things out loud like ?I am happy, well , getting stronger everyday?. There are many great meditation CD?s that you can purchase for your child to listen to which will give them strength, find one that promotes healing. This will help send healing thoughts to you child subconscious mind and aid a quicker recovery.

Power of Imagination:
Imagination is a wonderful tool to use for helping your child focus on their healing process. What the mind can conceive the body can achieves. So give them ways to let their mind image all the things they can do when they get well.

Bring them a pile of old catalogs and magazines. Have them cut out pictures and phrases that pertain to their wishes and dreams and paste them on a piece of poster board. If they cannot do this for themselves then you have them pick out the images in question and then you help paste them on the poster board wherever they choose. Remember this is their plan; follow their directions exactly, Mom and Dad!

Power of Organized Planning:
Look for ways to help your child ?buddy up? with someone else. Strive to connect them with other children that have similar desires. If this is not possible , continue to work with them on their poster board project together. At this stage, it is helpful to construct a ?Treasure Map? using the poster board project from the Imagination Principle.

This is the time, however , for you to help you child to formulate their game plan. Have them write out the necessary steps to achieve their goal or number a series of pictures. Be sure to do this together. Let them be in the driver seat, it will defeat the purpose of this exercise if you are too dominant. You can guide them but must not take the lead roll in this creation.

Power of Decision:
Talk to them about making up their minds to take the necessary steps to achieve what they desire. Give them examples of how ?Choice? is a factor in all aspects of life. Like: They can do their chores and collect an allowance or they can choose not to do their chores and receive nothing.

Use this principle and apply this to fun choices too.

They can invest the time to assemble the ingredients of a hot fudge sundae, put them together and have a special treat or decide to take the easy way and have a single scoop of plain ice cream.

I certainly know which route I would choose! Let them make some of their own decisions even if it is only what color band aide or what shirt or pants they can wear

Letting your child make some of their own decisions will give them back some of their ?Personal Power.?

Power of Persistence:
Explain this principle by giving the child examples of how others have achieved their goals. Find a popular sport star or television personality that they especially enjoy.

Look into their favorite figure?s backgrounds until you find one who overcame great odds. If possible , provide them with a biography or movie about someone famous. Show them by example, have a well-loved teacher or physician talk about their background. Teach them to believe in themselves and to NEVER give up.

Power of Mastermind:
Sick children have the power to heal each other. Find other children who have the same issue as your child. They can communicate on the phone, internet or in person. If they have similar limitations as your child , they can work together to achieve a com
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