The French Defense Ministry said Sunday

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The French Defense Ministry said Sunday

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NEW DELHI Balenciaga Speed Trainer Knit High Runner Blanche , Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- At least six people have been killed and three others injured in a road accident in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police said Tuesday.

"The accident occurred Monday night when a speeding truck crushed the victims on national highway number 91 in the state's Etah district. A police inspector was also among those who died on the spot," a senior police official said.

Those injured have been admitted to a local hospital where the condition of some are said to be serious, the official said.

Eye-witnesses told cops that the truck was travelling at a high speed and the accident occurred after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

"A probe has been ordered into the incident. A manhunt has also been launched to track down the driver of the truck who fled the spot after the accident. He has been booked for rash and negligent driving Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sock Race Runners Triple Black Pas Cher ," the official added.

Leaders of BRICS countries pose for group photo before summit

Xi calls for solidarity among emerging economies, developing nations

Leaders attend Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries

Chinese UN envoy condemns DPRK nuke test, calls for return to dialogue

Autumn scenery of Hunhe River in N China's Hohhot

Villagers air harvests in south China

Dew drops seen on plant leaves in east China

Fish Dish Festival celebrated in C China's Hunan

WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who has been staying at home since swooning at a 911 memorial ceremony due to pneumonia, will return to campaign trail on Thursday, her Campaign twittered Tuesday.

The former secretary of state is set to speak at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala in Washington D.C. on Thursday and due in several battleground states next week, said her campaign, which has promised to release Clinton's medical records later this week.

Donald Trump, her Republican rival, also promised to offer up more information about his health later this week, following quarrels between the two campaigns over which candidate is more secret about their health and wealth.

A damaging video of Clinton's faint at Ground Zero on Sunday, has turned the issue of health transparency onto the central stage in their White House bids.

Clinton was diagnosed pneumonia two days before she fainted on Sunday but her campaign had kept it quiet until the video was put online.

However, earlier on Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blasted the media for having blown Clinton's pneumonia out of proportion.

"You've all been unfair to Hillary ... Look at Donald Trump at his medical records, which are nonexistent," he told reporters at a news conference.

Also on Tuesday, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine suggested that Clinton's decision to keep campaigning despite suffering from pneumonia was influenced by the historic nature of her bid to become the country's first woman president.

The United States is "uniquely bad at electing women to office," the Virginia senator told a crowd at the University of Michigan, citing it a factor affecting her race against the New York billionaire.

Only 19 percent of the U.S. Congress is female, though it is the highest percentage in the country's history, Kaine noted.

The September race is observed unexpectedly rough for Clinton as her wounds were rubbed salt into continuously, including a gaffe about Republican "deplorables." A series of national poll results show that her lead over Trump has been narrowed since Labor Day.

OAXACA, Mexico Balenciaga Speed Trainer Knit High Runner Noir Blanche , Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Mexico's export sector is laboring under an atmosphere of "uncertainty" now that the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is under scrutiny and revision, a business leader said on Thursday.

Valentin Diez, President of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE) Balenciaga Triple S Low Top Grise Rouge Pas Cher , said renegotiating the two-decade trade deal has thrown the future of Mexico's trade ties with the United States and Canada, its NAFTA partners, into doubt.

Diez, who is also president of the advisory board of Mexican beer giant Grupo Modelo Homme Balenciaga Triple S Low Top Noir Pas Cher , addressed the opening of the 24th Mexican Foreign Trade Congress, being held in the southern capital city of Oaxaca through Friday.

Despite the uncertainties introduced by the new U.S. administration and its push to amend the agreement, "Mexico has maintained great dynamism in its exports. However, the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement has introduced a certain uncertainty into our ties with our main NAFTA partners Femme Balenciaga Triple S Low Top Noir Blanche Pas Cher ," said Diez.

Still, Diez said he doubted U.S. President Donald Trump will "unilaterally withdraw from the trade agreement."

The U.S. market accounts for some 80 percent of Mexico's exports, a reality that underscores the importance NAFTA holds for the Latin American nation.

Since Trump's campaign to negotiate a better deal for U.S. industry, Mexico has looked to diversify its export markets.

"One of the challenges the export sector faces is that of venturing into other countries and economic and geographic regions Nike Dunk Basse Violet Pas Cher ," said Diez.

Participants at the congress plan to take a detailed look at NAFTA and Mexico's trade ties with other parts, such as the European Union and the rest of Latin America, and also discuss e-commerce, alternative energies and other matters.

Diez said he also hoped to see proposals to boost Mexico's "competitiveness Nike Dunk Basse Grise Pas Cher , our export capacity and consolidation as a very important player in international trade."

Highlights of China-Arab States Expo in Yinchuan

Sun Yang claims title at men's 1500m freestyle swimming

Road collapses in downtown Brussels, Belgium

Plenary session of 3rd Eastern Economic Forum held in Russia

In pics: China's future .
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