The graded and quality construction material is durable.

All about the Open9x firmware !!

The graded and quality construction material is durable.

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Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
The Cabon Dioxide (CO2) extinguisher is recommended for use in electronic environments and is suitable for Class 'E' electrical hazard fires. Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers also have limited capabilities for extinguishing small, indoor Class 'B' flammable liquid and class 'A' fires. Available in three sizes.

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We are also the only firm that we know of, who are able to inspect, repair, and recharge your extinguisher cylinders at your location for your convenience. Our service vehicles can recharge all; Dry Powder Anthony Bennett Raptors Jersey , Wet Chemical, Water, and Foam type extinguishers on the job whilst CO2 cylinders can be exchanged for a full one.

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Risk Management Report

We offer a special risk management survey service. This FREE service details in report form, any obvious shortfalls in your current fire protection system so that adequate action can be taken to rectify areas that require improved fire safety.

Fire Protection Training

We provide Fire Training and demonstrations in the use of portable extinguishers to businesses and community groups of up to 20 people at a time.

Liability Insurance

We have a standing liability cover of $10,000,000 and all fire service representatives are OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) certified for construction work and are Work Cover accredited.

High Standards

All work is completed to the relevant USA Standards Codes, and complies with Work Cover, OH & S, and local Council Ordinance specifications. LI Fire Extinguishers are members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia. These features ensure your fire safety equipment is of the best quality and code of practice compliance. Effect of Pigeons in Urban and Rural Areas and The Various Techniques for the Pigeon Control:

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