There Are A Lot of Things To Learn In PoE

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There Are A Lot of Things To Learn In PoE

Postby poeitems » 08 May 2018, 14:53

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Note that there are a lot of things to learn in PoE, so reading guides, even if not following them, can be beneficial. But overall, think defenses in your tree. For life based build you wont go very far without at least 120% life on the tree (and that's a strict minimum), for pure ES (Energy Shield) builds I don't know. If you want a few guidelines of how to build a tree:

▶ Focus on one (or at most two) main skill. Think Clearing vs. Single Target. All others skill are only here to help you (Aura, Curses etc.)
▶ Choose which Keystones you'll want (the big nodes like Chaos Innoculation)
▶ Choose your hp pool (life or ES), get a lot of nodes for it (see above)
▶ If going crit, take a few crit nodes
▶ Look for the best value per point nodes for dps, but don't take too much
▶ Choose your class/ascendancy according to all of this (for example, starting as a Witch to get Iron Reflexes by not be a good idea).
▶ Note that taking resistances on the tree can be completely avoided as it will be covered by your gear (unless unique heavy build).
▶ Don't neglect primary stats (str,int,dex), but don't focus on them too much (taking a +30 stat nodes is not a bad thing).
▶ Have fun trying to optimize your pathing.
▶ Do not take any auras related nodes unless you use a lot of aura (support). These nodes are a lot less interesting than there were in the past.
▶ Plan your build for level 80-85 max, really. This means something like 100 points. The last ones should be pure bonus and not necessary.
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