Trend Scalping

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Trend Scalping

Postby arincin » 11 Apr 2018, 23:38

Trend Scalping

Based on an article by Boris Schlossberg and published in the SFO magazine
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The characteristics of the Forex market are not suitable for scalping. To understand why the
Forex is more suited to position trading and swing trading is good to examine
operating differences between the spot currency market and other markets such as the stock market
and futures.

Unlike the marked stock, futures and options, which are dealt with in one
centralized and regulated market, the spot currency market is a market
completely decentralized as well as unregulated and without a unifying center.
To trade with stocks, futures or options, traders access the "stock exchange" through
a broker that acts as an agent in every operation, and to whom a commission is paid.

In Forex, traders enter the market by negotiating directly with the acting dealer
as a counterpart. In this type of market traders must be very careful
choose dealers that have a good reputation and are regulated and recognized
by the control bodies.

It is good to remember that unlike other markets, Forex is a market based on
spreads rather than commissions. The dealers do not charge any commission and
no tariff, but require that all purchase orders are executed at the ask price
(highest price) and sales prices at the bid price (lowest price). The difference between bid and
ask, the "spread", represents the profit of the Forex dealers.
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