Tri rate on three positions switch

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Tri rate on three positions switch

Postby Eric » 31 Aug 2013, 11:32

Here, how you can program your 9XR to have 3 different rates on the 3 positions switch F-E LND
High on ID0 (upper), Medium on ID1 (mid), Low on ID2 (lower).

First create a custom switch page 9/11 of your model setup.

Then go on the page expo/dr 4/11.
Select the 3 positions switch (F-E LND) to up (ID0)
Control the values are exp 0 and % 100

Select the switch F-E LND to mid position (ID1)
Change the values for exp and % to e.g. 10 and 70. If you have an arrow next to the value (70) it means that your control is not well centered, in that case you have to repeat this operation for the other side. Move the stick to control both sides.
Under sw1 select SW1 and under sw2 select ID2, you should see the the H on the right side changed in M.
Do this operation for RUD ELE and AIL. If you want you can adjust the THR too.

Select the switch F-E LND to the lowest position (ID2)
Repeat the previous sequence with lower % values e.g. 20 and 50
Check that the M changed in L on the right side.

It's done, test your aircraft and adjust the numbers as you like.

Happy flights,
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