Turnigy 9x - Throttle control doesn't seem to function?

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Turnigy 9x - Throttle control doesn't seem to function?

Postby JesseVoss » 20 Jun 2018, 17:20


So my friend and I have been working on getting our hexacopter up and running and are now doing initial setup of the APM 2.5 and receiver. We are having some issues getting the throttle control to register at all when calibrating in the mission planner. Maybe we are missing some obvious step that hopefully someone can help out with? We are running a stock Turnigy 9x set in mode2 connected to APM 2.5
We are relatively inexperienced when it comes to RC receivers and all of the options in them, but we tried to keep everything as default as we could have. I'm starting to wonder if it might be a hardware problem just because pitch/yaw/roll are all working just fine?
Also, hopefully it's not a dumb question, but we haven't connected our ESC's yet and only wanted to see that the settings were right in the mission planner first. Transmitter->APM->PC. Will that work for initial testing or do we need to have it all connected to the other hardware (ESC/motors/etc) before we start the calibration?

Please help.

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