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Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2012, 01:33
by Gimbals
[quote="s_mack"]I think if HobbyKing ever broke our trust and released the totals its customers spend.... there'd be a lot of divorce filings.[/quot

Not even MI-5 knows what I spend with Hobby King!

First mod will be to utilize the internal antanna. going to be a challenge with the FrSKY DJT -- but should just take an SMA-SMA connector for the DHT-U.

ya have a TelemetryEZ womped up for this yet? ;-) gonna need it fur sure.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2012, 04:19
by s_mack
Have to get one first. Unfortunately, they released it for sale on xmas eve while I was travelling... so I'm on BK.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2012, 04:36
by marhar
Chocksaway wrote:I noticed the 4 way button setup is there as on the 9X. I really hope the unusual way of using it has changed. I've never been able to grasp the idea that to move a cursor right you have to use the left button. All this time and still I go the wrong way at times. Plus hopefully a dedicated SAVE or MEMORY button. I lost count of the times I spent ages entering a plane's name and all the info only to find it didn't save the darned thing and I'd have to start again. To younger users it's probably 2nd nature to program the 9X but I'm no longer in that category so things have to get easier.

I wonder if any Beta testing has been carried out on the 9XR? You boffins with the brains and ability to program these things really have my admiration. I considered trying it but after seeing just the gadgets required to just flash the radio I quickly gave up. But over many years I've noticed that some brainy people tend to forget it's us dummies who have to use the device and as long as it works it's good. Suddenly the not so brainy clods find they need a diploma just to switch things on and get it working. A Manual, when there is one is good, if written by a brainless clod in the first place. Sometimes manuals are written by the person who designed the gadget. That can tend to make you wish there was no manual to start with. But as they say, and it becomes reality as you get older. If you can't figure something out, give it to a six year old and they'll have it working in 10 minutes.

What does the 9XR have in store for us brainless clods. Please note, I include myself in that category and have no intentions of upsetting anyone who feels they qualify. It just sounded better than them and us. ;)

Anybody to whom the stock 9x software was second nature should seek some professional help! :D

You will like this software, it's very intuitive. For example, the left and right buttons move the cursor left and right, respectively!

The best part is that you can upload and download model configurations to your PC, so you can just type the model names on the keyboard.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2012, 00:02
by Ukionz
The first mod to it would be a 'roll bar' or a protector like tx stand to protect the antenna on my spektrum module. Else need to mod the module to utilize the build in antenna.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2012, 05:21
by Chocksaway
Oh! fantastic, a dyslexic button no longer. Left moves left and right moves right. The wonders of technology and someone with common sense to design it. What a blessing. I even hear the beeper can be changed and it's hard to believe, but it can be turned off, what a stroke of genius. One guy in our group has to leave the room and get out of earshot ASAP once someone starts programming. He says it makes him feel physically ill. Let's hope there's an anti reversible battery socket as well. Having burnt one out I get a cold sweat every time I change the battery.

Very small things to most, the manipulators of the entire alphabet who can converse using groups of 3 or 4 random alphabetical clumps. But to us lesser mortals it's the simple things which make us go ooohh and aarr. Perhaps we can push those buttons with a little more confidence and determination, who knows we may actually get the darned thing to work.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2012, 17:02
by JaredReabow
i dont understand why they do not include something like a sd card slot, give us huge amount of memory and limitless programming potential, you would not even need an avr programmer!

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2012, 00:12
by s_mack
I've never understood the value of adding SD to the 9X so I don't share your thoughts here for the 9xr. Yes its possible to flash via SD but then that would necessitate them engineering that. Its obvious they wanted to make it compatible with custom firmware designed for the 9x, presumably to save themselves having to do all that work from scratch. The cost of engineering something for SD side-loading would be very high... and to save what? The $5 customers would have to spend on a programmer? And really only those customers interested in changing the programming... and I'd bet a high percentage of those that would, already have a programmer (or 2 or 6). As for model memory... its overkill. Who needs 1000's of models stored on their tx?

Now if they were breaking the bank, going all out, and adding features like voice feedback, or telemetry logging or stuff like that... certain, SD would be very valuable. But again, its the economics of it. Charging everyone an extra (say) $10 when only < 10% use the features? Those that want it get a deal, while those that don't just wasted $10. And at $60 they maybe sell 40% the units then they would at $50 (because we're all very cheap?) while those 10% will still buy it at $50 and do the mod themselves. So its win-win for them to leave features like that off and keep the price low. That's my answer for you anyway. Another is that they just didn't think about it.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2012, 05:08
by JakeStew
Just add in a $7 bluetooth module. Then you can have your color touch screen (via your smartphone), telemetry, logging, etc., etc..

When I find the time I'll be playing around with this idea. I'd like a TX station with the 9X connected to it via bluetooth, and telemetry/logging over BT also.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2013, 08:53
by Chocksaway
Well said S_Mack, the radio was built with hobbyists in mind. EG people who don't mind straying from the path and maybe getting their lily white hands dirty and not be too hopeless to grab a soldering iron. Some guys just want them 'cos they are new and cools, others want them to try out and then there's the roughies who want to dig inside and see what makes it tick. This end is usually the lot who take it for what it is and make it what it wasn't. Me, I love the smell of resin cored solder and burnt fingertips. I love to be able to turn something on which isn't what it was and see it all light up with no plume of smoke. Thirty seconds later I'm wondering what else I can change. I don't mean bits of electrical tape over the ready sign of filing the edges of buttons. I mean the stuff you guys figure out for us and spend hours sorting out. For that we are forever grateful. People like Mike who helps people like me sort out problems and offer to mod something free of charge. The dedicated back room boffins who get belted in the back of the head for forgetting to take the garbage out because their minds are wandering around the PCB of a transmitter that would be so much better IF. It's that word IF that keeps them doing what they do. Plus the satisfaction of putting IF behind them and then of course the day they release to us. The end user who, without the boffins would have IF's coming out the ears and getting nowhere. Thanks to HobbyKing for giving us $50.00 transmitters and a big thank you to those brave souls who risk all and let us roughies mutate our ordinary transmitters into something personal. I now gently climb down from my orange box of oration and bugger off.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2013, 15:38
by Ukionz
The urgliest 9xr combination ever....;)
Most of them are transfer from my old th9x.
-Tx stand install using ballends from my crawler.
-Spektrum module for Futaba using -PPM converter
-Antaena cabletied to handle........needs to say more?

9xr with my 'going to maiden' Funcub
Before I did the Tx stand mod, the Funcub almost run away when the 9xr on the ground flall and hit the throttle stick.
I think the Tx stand mod is not to save the module but for run away planes also.

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2013, 16:27
by ShowMaster
You can set a throttle safety switch using the menu!
That way no throttle from bumped stick unless the throttle arm switch is on.
FYI, the firmware can a lot!

Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2013, 01:13
by Gimbals
Looks like this thread, if not this forum has quieted down and may be drying up getting ready to blow away because of the Tienanmen Square censorship protocol the mods use.

Most of the "people" that have done the development on the firmware and developed many of the mods have sworn off giving any more assistance in this forum.

If you're interested in further developments you might check (all one string with * removed) h*t*tp*:/*/*9*xf*o*r*u*m*s*.*c*o*m to get useful help with your 9xr radio from the actual "people" that developed many of the mods as well as the firmware that Hobby King so generously helped themselves to.

My favorite mode there is how to fix the crappy push buttons on the 9XR. SkyNorth developed a great fix for very little money.

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Re: [un]Official 9xR MOD thread!

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2018, 10:25
by jiuer7845