Where can i get the battery

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Where can i get the battery

Postby Rushikesh » 01 Oct 2013, 05:10

I bought new 9xR and now i am searching for its battery...........from 2 months but of no use......i brought this transmitter from hobby king but the battries are not shipable to my location according to their new shipping rules..........Hence can sombody suggest me as to where to find its battey similar to this-http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=31315

I live in India. It will be a great great help for me if any one can do the same.......i am expexting the price to be around $15.......
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Re: Where can i get the battery

Postby seme1 » 01 Oct 2013, 23:57

I am suffering from exactly the same problem you have. I bought a 9XR recently from HobbyKing and they no longer ship batteries to my country. Please let me know if you find a suitable supplier
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Re: Where can i get the battery

Postby ShowMaster » 02 Oct 2013, 13:44

Are you able to buy any lipo's locally. Life04 are safer and they aren't totally lithium based.
Any voltage 7v or more will work. The tx module needs 5v and about 2v for headroom.
Any rechargeable batteries that you can solder together that will fit in the battery box will work. The tx with module draws about 150ma per hour as I remember. Worst case you can attach a battery pack the the case back. Anything to use tour tx and go flying. Necessity is the mother of inventions it's been said.
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