Which PoE Builds/Skills Can Do Damage While Moving?

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Which PoE Builds/Skills Can Do Damage While Moving?

Postby poeitems » 16 Apr 2018, 16:04

Which builds/skills can do damage while moving? Only these come to my mind: 1. Righteous Fire 2. Death's Oath 3. Cyclone 4. Autobomber Shield charge gives a bunch of possibilities:
▶ Cospri's GC autobomber
▶ Cospri's Discharge
▶ Cospri's projectiles (frostbolt, freezing pulse)
▶ Hyon's Fury + Inpulsa

Looks like the guide has been updated to be shield charge for clear/bf for single target, but the logic is the same. if you wanna flicker nothing changes, just get a 5.5-6l shaper helm.
▶ BIS would be horror craft + innervate + inc. aoe support + life, but you can sink a lot of money into that. i put about 20 ex into hyaons fury inpulsa shocksplosioner last league. can do all content besides end game bosses.
▶ 2 dps off perfect culling strike hyaons fury, 6l near perfect inpulsa, and a non horror craft shaper help w/ inc. aoe support, innervate, life and 45 res were my main items.
2 opals, etc. its a fun build.
▶ Shield charge is cheaper.

If you want to flicker you need frenzy charge generation. Easiest way of doing so is going raider. Furthermore stack some flat lightning(read herald of thunder and perhaps wrath) and you should be good to go. If you end up liking the game and want to customize your character to fit your personality, then be sure to check out U4GM.com. Furthermore, it's super easy and safe to purchase PoE Orbs cheap on this site.
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