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Explore History With Florida Keys Shipwrecks Explore History With Florida Keys Shipwrecks November 6 Cheap Malcolm Jenkins Jersey , 2013 | Author: Elena McDowell | Posted in Education
Florida is the state to visit when you can’t stand the winter weather anymore. Here it’s perpetual summer and even in January you can enjoy the warm ocean, the many beaches and the tropical climate. If you have a keen sense of adventure, you should also try to explore some of the fascinating Florida Keys shipwrecks during your vacation in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Keys lie just off the southern tip of the state, curving in a line towards the west. These islands are surrounded by coral reefs and shoals, making them the perfect destination if you love water sports like fishing, diving and snorkeling. In addition, they’re easy to reach. You can even drive there from the mainland, taking the network of bridges, known as the Overseas Highway, that connects the keys to one another.

One of the Caribbean’s main shipping routes passes just off the islands. The combination of dangerous waters Cheap Zach Ertz Jersey , frequent hurricanes and an abundance of ships means that inevitably there will be many wrecks. In fact, Key West initially became prosperous from wrecking, which was the practice of looting the cargo off ships that had run aground.

Some of the oldest wrecks in the region date from the early 1600s, among them the wreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. She was a merchant ship belonging to the Spanish Silver Fleet and sank in 1622. The Silver Fleet lost many ships in these waters during the century or so that it transported valuable goods from the Americas to Spain. In one hurricane alone, in 1733, 19 of its ships were destroyed.

About 35 miles to the west of Key West lies a wreck that helped the world to understand more about the Atlantic slave trade. The Henrietta Marie was a British slave ship which sank about 35 miles off Key West on her return voyage after transporting slaves from Africa to Jamaica. Today there is a poignant underwater monument at the wreck site in memory of the thousands of Africans taken from their homeland to a life of slavery in the Caribbean.

War and crime have also plagued Caribbean waters for centuries. You’ll find the wrecks of several warships and even submarines in the region. There are also many sunken patrol boats of the US Coast Guard. A fascinating wreck is the Cannabis Cruiser, which had been transporting illegal marijuana when her crew sank her so that the Coast Guard wouldn’t capture them.

The best way to explore the wrecks is to go on a diving trip with a local dive operator. They can even teach you how to scuba dive. If you prefer snorkeling, though, simply get a map of the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail to find the locations of wrecks that are suitable for snorkelers.

You can explore the Florida Keys shipwrecks any time of the year. However, late spring and late fall are the best times to go. Water conditions are then at their best and you avoid the hurricane season and the holiday crowds.

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