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BEIJING, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Football Association has announced a 24-man squad for their 2018 World Cup Asian qualifiers final round against Syria and Uzbekistan here on Thursday.

China will take on Syria on October 6 at Xi'an, Shannxi and play an away game against Uzbekistan on Oct. 11. The Chinese team will train in Wuhan from Sept. 26 before heading on to Xi'an.

China lost to South Korea 2-3 in their first game of the round, and held Iran to a goalless draw on Sept. 6.

China are trying to reach their second World Cup final in history in a tough Group A which includes Qatar, Uzbekistan, South Korea and Syria.

This is also China's first appearance in the final round of the Asian qualifiers for a World Cup after they qualified for South KoreaJapan 2002, so far China's first and only appearance in the World Cup finals.

Zheng Zhi, Zeng Cheng, and Yu Dabao were not included, while Du Wei, Zhang Chengdong, Yan Junling and Yang Xu were on the list.

The squad is as follows:

Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Huang Bowen, Li Xuepeng, Gao Lin, Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Cai Huikang, Yan Junling, Hao Junmin, Zhao Mingjian, Yang Xu, Yang Zhi, Zhang Xizhe, Zhang Chengdong, Wu Xi, Zhang Xiaobin, Gu Chao, Jiang Zhipeng, Jiang Ning, Ren Hang, Du Wei, Sun Ke, Zhang Yuning.

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Can tourism be the answer?
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Also, the company offers you a chance to play in prize draw after the completion of the survey. Grab the opportunity, full the talktoapplebees survey, win $1000.
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